EZ-Chem "Dual Tank" Chemical Additive System

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The EZ-Chem holding tank chemical additive system makes adding tank chemical as simple as pressing a button.  A push of the single dual-rocker momentary switch will automatically inject 8oz of chemical into the tank of your choice with a multi-directional spray.  Press the switch "UP" for the gray tank, or "DOWN" for the black tank.

The 10 liter reservoir holds enough chemical for over 40 cycles.

There's even an indicator light to let you know when the reservoir is getting low.

This unique system is completely self contained.  For even more convenience, you can order optional remote switches and indicator lights to mount in as many places as you wish.  Perhaps you want a switch in your utility center, or your bathroom, or even in your entry panel by your slide-out switches.

This dual pump system comes mounted complete with:

  • 10 liter reservoir
  • Dual pumps (gray & black)
  • Dual rocker switch w/label
  • Low level indicator light
  • 15' clear tube
  • 2 - holding tank multi-directional nozzles w/internal check valves
  • Complete, easy to understand, instructions

Installation is easy for the RV "Do-it-yourself" enthusiast and requires basic 12v electrical knowledge that consists of connecting a positive and negative wire to a 12 volt source.  Then drill a 1" hole about 2" from the top, into each tank.  Insert the nozzles into the tanks using clear silicone.  After the silicone has dried, connect the clear tube from the EZ-Chem system to the nozzles, fill the reservoir with chemical (We recommend Auqa-Kem) and you're ready to relax.

(Please allow 4 weeks for delivery)