How to Check Your RV Tires Age

Many RVers think of the tires on our RVs the same way we think about the tires on our vehicles.  Most of us give our tires a quick once over. Checking the tread wear, inflating them to proper PSI and inspecting them for defects.  If these things check out, we’re good to go right? 

But one often overlooked check is the tires age. An RVs tire may look perfectly fine with lots of tread left but if older has the potential to be rotted out from the inside, as well as sun checked on the sidewalls.

In that condition, a blowout tends to be more catastrophic usually causing damage to the RV wheel well area as the main tread area peels away from the tire body and flaps around violently until the rig can be safely pulled over. If plumbing or electrical wiring is nearby the damage can get very expensive and leave you waiting for repairs when you should be enjoying the trip.

Determining the Tires Manufacture Date

So, it’s well worth a look, especially if it’s a “new to you” used RV. The conventional wisdom indicates trailer tires should be changed at 5 years of age and motorhome tires somewhere between 7 -10 years. Each manufacturer generally has the recommended lifespan available online or ask your local tire dealership for advice.

A quick google search will reveal several sites detailing how to find a tires age. Finding the Tires Data Code

Basically, you read the last 4 numbers –  The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the year. Below is an example of a trailer tire DOT code showing they were made in the 18th week of 2014

This quick look at the numbers on the tire sidewall and a bit of research may save a dangerous tire failure down the road.

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