Fifth Wheel & Travel Trailer Departure Checklist

No matter how long we've been RVing.  Regardless of whether we are rookies, or seasoned veterans, we have all experienced that "OH SHOOT!" moment when we realize that we forgot to lower the TV antenna, stow the steps, or close the windows or vents before departing our favorite campsite.

Worse yet, I remember the mess of raw eggs and orange juice all over the floor after forgetting to latch the refrigerator!  I'm sure you're smiling right now thinking of your own "OH SHOOT!" moment.


Let's face it, RVs are very complex vehicles and even the most avid RVers need a checklist to remember to dot every "I" and cross every "T" in order to enjoy successful journeys and create positive memories.

Over the years I have created, updated, modified, and tweaked numerous checklists to make my RV adventures less stressful and more pleasant.

Click here to read my 5th Wheel & Travel Trailer Departure Checklist.  Feel free to download it and use it for your convenience.


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