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Below are many of the "Customer Reviews" I receive on the Pivot-EZ Sewer Compartment System.  Pivot-EZ just might be the only product on the market that has 100% 5-STAR REVIEWS!  

Camping season is upon us.  You know you've been wanting an easier, more sanitary way to dump your tanks....  What are you waiting for?


Love our Pivot EZ  (Tom C)

Our last 3 Excel 5th wheels have had this option. We have been full time RVing for almost 12 years and we love it. No stinky, slinky sewer hoses in the basement! Also makes for great conversations in RV parks. Nice. Thanks. rockin' 


Makes the RV Life a Little Easier  (Jim T)

We have had our Pivot-EZ for four full seasons now and it makes a nasty job a little easier. The hose is always ready for use. Just take off the end cap and stretch it out to the dump. Since the hose stores in the PVC tube any nasty stuff that may be remaining stays outside the rv.


Fantastic Useful Device  (Sidney K)

14 years Full-time with Pivot-EZ on our Fifth Wheel.
With 40 years of RV'ing experience, this IS one of the most useful, low/no maintenance add-on possible for a Trailer. 
Wish we could have had it on our other trailers
Bottom line is "IT WORKS"


What's that thing?  (Pat R)

Every campground we pull into I get asked "What's that thing?" by RV'rs that never seen it before. When I show them how easy it makes things they are amazed and ask where I purchased it. When I tell them it was an option on my Excel they ask if they are available for purchase. I can now tell them a website where it can be found.


I missed it so much!  (Chris)

The Pivot-EZ was installed on my prior unit, a 2001 Excel, I found it to be a very useful and handy item. With limited storage space on my 29 ft. Alpenlite, the Pivot-EZ will solve the problem of storing something that I don't care to store inside and make a quicker stop at the dump station.


This Thing is Great!  (Can D)

When we bought a used Excel with the pivot eZ first thought was this has to go. First dump station visit and we realized it is the best thing since sliced bread and peanut butter. I feel sorry for folks with the traditional sewer hose hookups


Great Product!  (Marc S)

Great product. Have it on my 2007 Excel and love it.


Clean, Quick & Convenient  (Brad S)

I have a PivotEZ on my 2015 Excel and it's the best sewer hose storage I've ever used. The hose is stored ready to use with out hooking it up over and over again, it swings 180º to reach any sewer connection position, and it functions as a great hose support from trailer connection height to dump station pad or Slunky height for longer runs. It makes an unpleasant, repetitive RV chore a little easier, faster and cleaner. It's well worth the price for the convenience it offers.


First to install  (Chris B)

I purchased a used Excel 5th wheel in 2007 that had the Pivot EZ installed. My first thought was, what is this thing…but after using it for the first time my second thought was…this is nice. It makes the setup of the waste hoses easy and convenient, especially at the dump station. I now own an Alpenlite and when the Pivot EZ became available to all RV’s I purchased the first one and it’s now installed on my unit. The universal mounting brackets installed easily and allows for various adjusts to ensure a proper fit. My third thought is, I’m glad I did it.


Mobile Suite install  (Dick)

We own a 2016 Mobile Suite 39DBRS3. One thing I miss on this unit is dedicated storage for the sewer hose. I was using a plastic box, but that was a mess. I ordered the pivot ease and am very pleased with the unit. Took about 30 to 45 minutes to install. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I had to drill 2 holes in the frame to install the retainer, and cut about 5" off the sewer discharge line to allow the correct amount of "pivot" for the system. I would highly recommend the unit.


Great product support  (Ken)

Installation on a Hitchhiker Discover America became a challenge, not to install Pivot E-Z, but the preparation for it. Not all sewer lines are created equal, and the one on mine needed to be moved inboard about 9 inches to accommodate the E-Z system, which meant shortening two drain lines and repositioning a support hanger. Other challenges were difficult access to the frame where the saddle mount should go, and a gas line along the frame. Fortunately, there is enough versatility in the mounting pieces that even tight spaces in odd places could be dealt with. The installation on a "normal" sewer line should be fairly quick and easy.
More impressive is that Bryan was not satisfied with just a sale, but he initiated several emails to me to make sure that everything was working as it should, even "hounding" me to correct something that I had installed improperly and that may impair full functionality. When has that ever happened?
Innovative product; incredible follow through! Couldn't be more satisfied.


Pivot-EZ is the best!  (Judy C)

This came on our new Excel and I can't believe how easy it made a yucky job! Swivel it over drop it in the sewer. Done! We will never have another RV withour installing this if it does not come with one. Awesome!


Have on our Excel buying for new RV.  (Ed)

Rarely do reviews but this one deserves it...
The Excel 5th Wheel was our 5th rv since 1972. The pivot-ez on the Excel was a so easy to use because of the storage of the hose and the attachment directional swivel abilities made this not-so-happy sewage event easy.
Just bought a new RV and having another povet-ez installed. Remembering the sewage hassle with my other 4 RVs, have to get another pivot-ez..


Instructions are great. Simply to install  (Stacy B)

Customer service is top notch. Just call and tell them what RV you have. Easy 1 hour installation. Great product 



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