The Idea

The closure of Peterson Industries took it's toll on many people, including me.  It's hard to watch your company, that's consumed 35 years of your life dissolve.  Thanks to God, my wonderful wife, and my family, I've been able to heal and move forward.

I became the President of P.I. in 1996.  My first endeavor was to create our version of the newly innovated "flush slide-out floor" system that had just begun.  Excel 5th wheels and travel trailers had always been known for being on the leading edge of innovation, so when I took over, I wasn't about to let that tradition fade.  Excel was the 3rd manufacturer in the Nation to switch to flush slide-out floors.

Being an avid RVer, I'm constantly trying to think of things that would make the camping lifestyle more fun - and less work!  One task I truly disliked was dumping my tanks!  (Doesn't everyone?)  Every time I stood there waiting for the doo to run through the tube, I would think "There must be a better way!"  Thus the Pivot-EZ Sewer Hose Compartment was born.

We began installing the Pivot-EZ on Excel units as an option in 1996 at a retail price of $210.00.  Throughout the next 19 years I can't think of 10 units that did not have the option installed.  THOUSANDS of Excel 5th wheels and travel trailers are in campgrounds and parks across America enjoying the Pivot-EZ.  Take a look next time you see an Excel.  It will likely have one installed.

For years, Excel dealers would call, requesting for us to let them install them on "Brand-X" units, as customers would see them and want them.  Now that Excel is no longer in business, I have decided to offer the Pivot-EZ for retail. 

Featuring a universal mount saddle, this innovative sewer hose compartment will install on most towables in about 30 minutes.  If you aren't sure if it will fit on your unit, drop me an email with a couple of pictures of your sewer adaptor area and I'll help you with it.

Considering that we sold thousands of "Pivot-EZ Sewer Hose Compartments" at $210.00 throughout the years, our current introductory price of $159.00 is a great value!

Order yours today!



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