Production Begins

The orders have started coming in and the e-commerce gateway on the website appears to be performing flawlessly!  It’s exhilarating to begin a new venture with a fresh attitude.

We have all of our products sourced and on the way.  Our initial orders will begin shipping next week.

We’ve already gotten orders from as far away as both coasts (California & Florida).  My initial goal for this venture is to have ZERO failures, ZERO returns, and 100% satisfied customers!

The BT RV version of the new Pivot-EZ will feature an improved clamp on the pivot hinge.

The universal saddle will feature lateral, as well as vertical adjustment to allow for flexibility of tube placement on your coach.

The frame mounting bracket will mount on the side of your frame If your main frame is exposed.  If your skirting wraps around and your frame is enclosed, the mounting bracket will fasten to the bottom of the frame structure.  This configuration will accommodate most coaches.

If you have special needs for a bracket, just take a couple of pictures and email them to us at

Check back often.  We're excited to keep you informed.


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